Lam Plastik

Today, the construction sector is developing rapidly and this development is increasing the need for research and development by companies that produce construction materials. Our company which produces construction materials is also giving importance to research and development in order to respond to this need.

Lam Plastik adds quality and durability at the forefront of the materials it produces. Therefore, research and development activities are intensified to increase the quality and durability of the products. These activities enable our company to have products with superior features compared to other products in the industry.

Research and development activities are conducted by our company's engineering team. The engineering team has specialized in the design, production and testing of materials. Thanks to this expertise, our company's products are produced in accordance with the latest technological developments.

We are conducting collaborative projects with academicians from the Construction Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University, Boğaziçi University and Sakarya University in order to benefit from scientific techniques.

Our company also pays attention to manufacturing environment-friendly materials. Therefore, the use of environment-friendly materials is prioritized in our research and development efforts. These activities are increasing our company's sensitivity and sustainability towards the environment.

In conclusion, our company which manufactures construction materials, gives importance to research and development studies, increases the quality and durability of the products and increases its environmental sensitivity by using environment-friendly materials. Thanks to these activities, our company maintains its leading position in the sector and offers our customers the highest quality products.