Lam Plastik

The Economic advantages of renting formwork in construction

Lower Initial Cost: Formwork rental reduces the initial cost of construction projects. By renting formwork systems instead of buying them, construction companies can reduce their costs and increase their working capital.

Saving from Refurbishment and Renewing Costs: Renting formwork ,saves you from renewing and refurbishment costs. As Lam Plastik, we maintain and refresh our formwork systems on a regular basis to keep them up to date. This allows construction companies to eliminate the costs associated with constantly renewing and re-purchasing formwork systems.

Saving from storage cost: Formwork rental rule out the storage costs. You will need an exclusive storage area for the formwork systems that you purchased. But for rental formwork systems, there are no storage costs. You recieve the rental formwork and you can return them when your project is finished.

Flexibility: Rental formwork systems can be easily modified and rearranged to suit the needs of the construction projects. This increases the flexibility of projects and shortens the duration of projects.

Financial Flexibility: Renting provides financial flexibility to construction companies. Renting payments helps protecting construction companies' working capital and reduce capex for formwork systems.

Accessing innovations and current technology: Renting formwork, would allow construction companies to access current technologies and innovations. Our rental formwork systems are being  constantly updated to the latest technological developments.This way, construction companies can keep up with the latest innovations and complete their projects more efficiently.